ase supply leece neville prestolite alternator starter
Prestolite Leece Neville Alternator / Starter
leece neville alternator starter
Prestolite / Indiel / Leece Neville manufactures alternators for a wide variety of applications. These range from medium to heavy duty (Class 3 through Class 8) trucks, as well as for marine, off-highway, agricultural, construction, automotive and military vehicles.

We also manufacture a complete range of products for School Bus, Transit Bus, Shuttle Bus, Tour Bus, Ambulance and Emergency Vehiclesleece neville prestolite alternator
    Prestolite / Indiel / Leece Neville has a proud tradition of engineering the highest quality starter motors available. A leading supplier for the US Military for years, the same demanding design disciplines are brought into every product we bring to market.

We are now leveraging our global manufacturing capabilities to offer a quality starter motor for almost any application.
leece neville starter
Prestolite Electric Incorporated manufactures alternators and starter motors. These are supplied under the Prestolite Electric, Leece-Neville and Indiel brand names for original equipment and aftermarket application on a variety of vehicles and industrial equipment.

Applied technological and engineering capabilities allow Prestolite to continually introduce innovative new products and applications that meet each customer's specifications. Product design, development and application are performed by dedicated engineering teams that work closely with partners at a number of major universities in the areas of electronics, magnetics, alternative materials and product testing. Prestolite dedication to innovative design and manufacturing excellence has propelled them to the forefront of equipment suppliers to the heavy-duty market.

Prestolite Electric has an expanding international presence and currently conducts business in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, and China. The company's global manufacturing and distribution network provides an advantage over the competition in servicing our customer's worldwide manufacturing and sales operations.

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Leece Neville A001090875, 90875
Leece Neville 8MR2401UA
2824LC Leece Neville
2526LC Leece Neville
2670LC Leece Neville
2800LC Leece Neville
4836LGH Leece Neville
4867JB Leece Neville
4890JB Leece Neville 
4900JBS Leece Neville
4939PGH Leece Neville
4942PA Leece Neville
4962PA Leece Neville
110-159 Leece Neville
110-252 Leece Neville
110-258 Leece Neville 
110-450 Leece Neville

110-460 Leece Neville
110-461 Leece Neville
110-473 Leece Neville
110-475 Leece Neville
110-487 Leece Neville
110-488 Leece Neville
110-512 Leece Neville
110-529 Leece Neville
110-555JHO Leece Neville
110-555PHO Leece Neville
110-557 Leece Neville
110-567 Leece Neville
110-600 Leece Neville
110-602 Leece Neville
110-603 Leece Neville
110-629 Leece Neville
110-647 Leece Neville
110-656 Leece Neville
110-679 Leece Neville
110-684 Leece Neville
110-699 Leece Neville
110-906 Leece Neville
110-912 Leece Neville
BLP3317 Leece Neville
4940PA Leece Neville
110-431 Leece Neville
110-521 Leece Neville
BLD3314GH Leece Neville