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Sure Power
The Original Battery Isolator

Sure Power Industries, a TS16949 certified company, provides a wide variety of high quality products and Engineering Services to aid in the management of DC electrical systems. Since inventing the Battery Isolator in 1959, Sure Power has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable and cost competitive products for a wide variety of markets.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, Sure Power has developed the reputation as a World Leader in Vehicle Electronic Engineering.

1 Year Warranty on all Sure Power Products

Sure Power DC/DC Converter

Sure Power offers a wide range of DC-DC Converters to meet your needs. Our Converters are rugged, reliable anddc converter designed to handle demanding electrical loads or sensitive electronic devices. If your vehicle is 12V and you need 24V, we can handle it with models providing up to 40AMPS of output at 24V. If your vehicle is 24V, 32V, 36V, 48V or 72V and you need 12V power, it is not a problem either. Depending upon the input voltage, we can offer 12V power up to 100AMPS.
Our DC-DC Converters were designed for the OEM market and are used almost exclusively in North America on Trucks, Buses, Construction Equipment, Boats and Military Equipment.
If you have a tough application, let us provide you with the power you need to handle it.

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Sure Power DC/DC Equalizer

The concept of a Battery Equalizer is simple: In a vehicle with both 12V and 24V loads, keep your batteries balanced. battery equalizer
The Sure Power family of Battery Equalizers is designed to do just that, make sure both batteries in the 24V stack always charge and discharge equally. Sure Power offers 24V to 12V or 12V to 24V equalization. Sure Power also knows that there are rough environments out there, so we offer the following to make sure once you install it, you don't have to worry about it.

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Sure Power Battery Isolator

battery isolatorThe Original and Still the Best! Battery Isolators Eliminates multi-battery drain when two or more battery banks are in a charging system, performs as well or better than existing factory installed components, designed to exceed OEM specifications, solid-state electronic, Isolates each battery circuit and allows each battery to discharge and charge according to its own needs, the Original, not an imitation! The battery isolator was invented by sure power in 1959, more efficient and reliable than mechanical or solenoid systems, the most comprehensive line of battery isolators on the market; Isolators are available for most application needs.
Sure Power battery isolators prevent accessories powered by a vehicle's auxiliary batteries from robbing power from the main starting battery. A battery isolator assures that your vehicle will start, even if auxiliary batteries are dead. They also allow your alternator to charge the auxiliary battery as needed to maintain proper charge level separate from your vehicle battery. Rugged solid-state construction. One year warranty.

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Sure Power Battery Separator

The BATTERY SEPARATOR is designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system to
protect the chassis charging system from excessive loading while allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged.
The BATTERY SEPARATOR has two basic operational characteristics:


When the starter is activated the BATTERY SEPARATOR compares the voltage of both battery banks. IF the
chassis' battery is lower than the auxiliary battery bank, the BATTERY SEPARATOR will engage allowing the
auxiliary battery bank to aid in vehicle starting. The start signal must be at least three volts for the operation
to occur.


The BATTERY SEPARATOR monitors the battery system to determine if the batteries are being charged.
When the engine or auxiliary batteries (if 1315 is used), or the engine batteries (if 1314 is used) reach 13-
13.5 volts, indicating charging is taking place, the BATTERY SEPARATOR will engage, joining the two
battery banks. If the drain on the charging system by the auxiliary or main battery bank reduces the system
voltage below 12.4-12.9 volts, the BATTERY SEPARATOR will disconnect the battery banks from each other,
thus protecting the respective battery banks from excessive drain.
A delay function has been incorporated in the control circuit to prevent the BATTERY SEPARATOR from
reacting to momentary voltage fluctuations and chattering.

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Sure Power Trail Charger

The Sure Power TRAIL Charger allows the operator to charge a remote battery bank at regulated 14V. This approach eliminates voltage loss due to long wire lengths. The TRAIL CHARGER is designed to provide a fully regulated 14 VDC attrail charger a full 10 AMP charging rate and for continuous charging of batteries dedicated to provide intermittent power. The TRAIL CHARGER also eliminates the need for additional cables.

Both models of the Sure
Power Trail Charger act like a voltage amplifier, similar to how a stereo amplifier increases sound output a Trail Charger amplifies voltage. With the Model 11020C00 the level of amplification depends on the outside temperature. Batteries require higher voltage at lower temperatures. The Trail Charger automatically raises and lowers the voltage to optimize the charge to the auxiliary battery bank. Think of it as a booster that compensates for the voltage drop in the wiring to the lift gate batteries.


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