Application Questions

The Ignitor electronic ignition is far from being universal. Each kit is designed specifically for the distributor type. However, our kits will often fit many distributors from the same manufacturer. A kit that has been designed for a particular distributor type may also fit other distributors that use the same point set, cap and rotor.
 What type of applications can the Ignitor™ be used in?
 Ignitor kits are available for the Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Agricultural industries. Automotive applications range from American Motors to Volvo’s covering most domestic and foreign vehicles. Our Marine applications include many popular and classic boats. Many kits are available for all types of Industrial and Agricultural equipment. Ignitor kits for 6 volt and 12 volt positive ground applications are also available. Call for a detailed listing of applications.
 I have an engine with a point distributor, but I can't find a listing in your Application Guide?
 If you can’t find your application in our Application Guide, it does mean that a kit is not available. We have many kits that have been developed for distributors and applications not listed in the Application guide. You may call our main office at 800-827-3758 for additional help. Before you call have the following information ready:
 Distributors make
 Distributor part number (located on the main housing before it tapers to the shaft)
 Vehicle or Equipment make, model and year
 Engine make and size
 The more information you have about your vehicle or equipment the better.
 How difficult is it to install an Ignitor™?
 The Ignitor fits entirely inside the distributor, and in most cases installs quicker than points. There are no “black boxes” or complicated wiring. Simply install the kit into the distributor attach the two wires to the appropriate positions, and you’re done. Some applications may require the distributor to be shimmed, which may add to the level of difficulty.
 Is PerTronix interested in making kits for applications, currently not covered in their product range?
 Yes. As a matter of fact, in the last five years we’ve added approximately 30-40 new kits to our application listings. We are constantly working on developing new kits to provide coverage in many areas. For more specific information regarding our custom installations contact our main office. The more information you have about your vehicle or equipment the better.
 What applications are covered with the PerTronix Flame-Thrower™ coils?
 Our Flame-Thrower coils are designed specifically for compatibility with our Ignitor™. However, it may also be used with a point type system or any other system that calls for a 1.5 or 3.0-ohm coil.
 What applications are covered with the PerTronix Flame-Thrower™ spark plug wires?
 Flame-Thrower spark plug wires are the perfect companions to our other performance products. Many applications are covered, but they are broken into two basic types. For those interested in stock appearance, our 7.0 mm "STOCK-LOOK"™ all black (no script) wires are available. Not concerned about looking stock? Our 8.0 mm "MAGx2"™ colored wires with Flame-Thrower™ white letter script, do the trick.